Forever Favored – Easter Sunday 2017

The month of April started off with a bang at IC: Madrid, as our church was presented with a challenge entitled: “The Power 48.” This church-wide challenge aimed to recruit 48 prayer warriors to pray a half hour at a designated time, every day, for the 48 days prior to Resurrection Sunday. Additionally, those 48 people signed up for a day of fasting, and committed to sow a seed offering of 48 euros. To our surprise, our list of volunteers exceeded 48 people, and the final number of participants was 125 individuals!

We truly believe that throughout those 48 days of prayer and fasting, God was working in a miraculous way, as our church prepared for this year’s Easter Sunday event: “Forever Favored.” This year however, would be different from years before, as IC Madrid was dreaming bigger than ever before. Not only did we envision to rent a space where we could accommodate more guests than in our own church building, but we also wanted to rent a space for our children and host a grand event for them, as well. And so it was decided, IC Madrid set out to rent the Teatro de Luz Philips on April 16, 2017. Not only did this space offer a theater for our main service, but it also had a second theater where we would be able to host our children’s event.

On the day of our “Forever Favored” Easter Sunday service, over 100 volunteers came together to make this event possible. From stage setup, to welcoming first time visitors, each volunteer assisted in preparing for what was to be an impactful event, in the heart of Madrid. Over 650 adults and children began to pour into the theater that Easter Sunday. The main service presented a time of worship, a drama skit performed by our IC: Arts team, a powerful message delivered by evangelist, Jacob Bock, followed by an altar call, which lead to over 40 individuals accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior. This was without a doubt, a historic day for IC: Madrid. Although our event took place at the Teatro de Luz, which means Theater of Light in English, we believe it was actually the light of Jesus that was shining within that place on Resurrection Sunday.